Few tales of portfolio companies

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Berling Capital Ltd. has owned several significant majority and minority holdings that have been sold according to the company strategy; minority holdings have a certain lifespan after which they are sold, majority holdings have tended to be longer period holdings.

Berling Group’s most significant majority holdings have been:

Kämp Collection Hotels 2004-2019

Kämp Collection Hotels (KCH) is a hotel company which owns nine hotels and the associated restaurants in the Helsinki region. Among the hotels is the legendary Hotel Kämp, founded in 1887, which is considered the only luxury hotel in Helsinki. In 2018, KCH group’s annual revenue was approximately 90 M€.

The story of Kämp Collection Hotels started in 2004 when Berling Capital bought all the shares of Kämp Hotel Ltd from Merita Bank (nowadays Nordea). During the ownership of 10 years, four Glo hotels were built under the Glo brand and the company now consisting of five hotels changed its name to Kämp Group Ltd. In 2014 the group was sold to a fund managed by Capman and consequently Berling Capital became a minority shareholder of the renamed Kämp Collection Hotels group together with Capman. During the following five years the group became an integral part of hotel selection in the Helsinki region by purchasing 4 hotels and opening a new one.

All the shares were sold to Norwegian hotel company Nordic Choice Hotels in August 2019, which ended an era of fifteen years as an operational hotel manager.

Taaleri 2007-2019

Taaleri is a finance group which parent company, Taaleri Plc, is listed on the stock exchange managed by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Berling Capital was a founding partner of Taaleri when it was established in 2007. Sampo Group had sold Sampo Bank to Danske Bank which wanted to close Sampo Bank’s Asset Management Division called Mandatum. The leadership and personnel of previous Mandatum became the core of the new wealth management company called Taaleritehdas which later was shortened to Taaleri. Berling Capital has been a significant minority shareholder during all of Taaleri’s existence and during the past ten years Taaleri has earned its place as a prominent finance house. Berling Capital has decreased its ownership but is still among the 10 largest shareholders. For further information, please visit taaleri.com

Uneco Juomat 1994-2002

When Uneco Juomat was established in 1994, the alcoholic beverage companies in Finland existed in the form of agencies, but there were subtle signs of change in the air. Indeed, the legislation changed in 1996 by which the agencies were allowed to become importers of alcoholic beverages. This was an opportunity seized by Uneco Juomat.

The company became one of the first companies in Finland to import alcohol. Simultaneously, the company bought around ten alcoholic beverage agencies, whose product ranges were integrated into the Uneco Juomat product portfolio. In a short period of time, the company grew organically and through acquisitions to become Finland's largest wine importer, eventually holding a 25 % market share of all wines imported to Finland in 2002. The company's entire stock was then sold to Altia Plc, a fully state-owned company, which is now listed on the Helsinki Nasdaq.